Mean Greens

Distinctive and delicious, this concentrated bottle of greens is the ideal combination to detox your digestion and control cravings.

Background and benefits

Located on the outskirts of Hereford are lusciously green fields, full of dewy blades of organic wheatgrass. Once freshly harvested, we use this wondrous ingredient with other powerful organic greens: spinach, cucumber and celery. This bold, green juice is complemented by a twist of lemon and the gentle sweetness of ripened pears, as it is definitely one of our stronger flavours. With a rich nutrient content in the wheatgrass alone, reap benefits of immunity support, controlled hunger cravings and glowing skin, for hardcore natural healing at its best.

Nutrition information

Carbs (g)

Protein (g)

Fat (g)

Energy (kCal)