Hello, I’m Peter Donoghue, owner of Nourish Natural food, and here’s why drinking fresh, cold-pressed, organic juice will have a positive impact on your health, life and well-being…

Why juicing is my passion

Making a change in lifestyle is one of the best things we can do to make ourselves healthier. In my case, the catalyst was when something drastic happened. In 2010 my father died from cancer, and this immediately prompted me to adapt my own lifestyle. Within weeks, I noticed lots of positive changes to my own health, body and mindset, and I wanted to channel this energy into something that would help other busy people enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

There was more to life than the buzz of the boardroom

I worked in the corporate business world of IT from the age of 22, working my way up from assistant to co-director of a joint business at 29. Three years later, I decided to go it alone and grew a very successful business of my own with three offices across the UK. Although this had been fulfilling for many years, I felt disillusioned as to what true value I was providing for people on a larger scale. An opportunity to sell my company gave me time to focus on my life and future ventures; who and what was important to me right now, what made me tick, and how I could harness my morals and beliefs into an ethical business.

My head and heart belonged to the health industry

A full analysis of my true core values led me to look for something that encompassed everything I was passionate about – nutrition, wellbeing, good ethics and a genuine sense of being able to share something valuable with thousands of people. I’m proud to say that Nourish Natural Food is based on these very important principles, and I can’t wait to welcome you into our juicing community.

Helping busy people get healthier is my mission

Life is hectic and working longer than 9-5 most days is often the norm. For many years, looking after my health was always on my to-do list, but it never made its way to the top until the death of my dad. Reassessing my own lifestyle helped me to pinpoint easy ways to boost my own diet, such as drinking fresh, organic, cold-pressed juices. The benefits are wide ranging and include:

  • cleansing anti-oxidants
  • increased energy
  • curb cravings and no sugar spikes
  • supports your immune system
  • radiant skin
  • shiny hair

Taking away the time, mess and hassle of making them means you can finally prioritise your own health, with nutritious juices delivered straight to your door.

Take one step at a time to improve your health